Uninstall Toolbar

Close all open browser windows, and then use Windows Control Panel to Uninstall the toolbar:

Windows Programs and Features

Instructions for accessing Windows Control Panel:

Change Home Page & Search Engine

Note: Uninstall or disable the toolbar prior to changing browser home page or search engine settings.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (a.k.a. "IE")

Google Chrome Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox's user.js file must be cleared before Firefox's about:config editor can be used to change Firefox's home page, or search engine. Alternatively, ResetBrowsers.exe can be used to reset Firefox's home page, and search engine to Firefox's default settings. If found, ResetBrowsers.exe will also reset the home page and search engine for Internet Explorer, and Chrome to their respective default settings.


Please contact us if you are unable to uninstall, or change your browser's home page or search engine.